Each educational tool-kit contains:

  • SYLLABUS – table of content with basic information and resources, links to crucial definitions, mind map
  • MATERIAL FOR TEACHERS – comprehensive and reliable resource – „topic in a nutshell”, illustrations, Basic facts, Advanced material, Research methods, 5 fun facts
  • LESSON PLAN – detailed, yet easily adaptable description of suggested activities (minute-by-minute) with homework, preparation, goals, evaluation
  • WORKSHEET – hands-on activites for students, based on actual research results + version for teachers – with answers and explanation; online activities (Educaplay, Kahoot)
  • EXPERIMENT SCENARIO – easy DYI, engaging activities without special equipment
  • PRESENTATION – PowerPoint, ready to use for teacher as introduction
  • WEBINAR – recording of 15 min lecture by an expert-scientist
  • ANIMATIONS – narrated, illustrative explanations of phenomena